The Note-Orious Committee 

Note-Orious has a committee that looks after the running of the choir. It's elected each year at an AGM. If you have any concerns about any aspect of the choir, feel free to approach the relevant member of the committee at rehearsals.

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Doug Plenty

The Chair's job is to lead the choir and make sure we all get the practicalities sorted. They oversee the direction and running of the choir, represent us publically and lead committee meetings.



Susan Kane
The Treasurer is responsible for the Note-Orious budget. They look after the choir's subscriptions and all aspects of our finances, including managing our charity collections at performances.


Choir Manager

Dan Jones
The Choir Manager is the Note-Orious rehearsal and performance guru. From staging and planning where each member stands, to liaising with venues, they lead on presentation and sorting the practical side of choir life.


Communications Manager (shared role)

Anna Mulhern and Andrew Sperling
The Communications Manager maintains the Note-Orious website and Facebook Page as well as helping to publicise performances and find new members. Roles also include email communications and social media.


Social Secretary

Michael Qureshi
When we're not singing together, the members of Note-Orious are often playing together. The Social Secretary organises Note-Orious's socials and parties.


Music Manager

Mike Usiskin
The Music Manager looks after the music - which is pretty important for a choir! Sourcing arrangements, liaising with song selection and working closely with our MD, without the Music Manager there'd be no songs.