Snow-Torious - Our Christmas Concerts


We've three Christmas concerts coming up over the next few weeks and it would be lovely if you could join us.

Our first concert is at the West Norwood Christmas Feast. It's a fantastic day out for all the family so why not come and join us and enjoy a mince pie too. We will be singing at about 2.30pm. See you there!


It's becoming a regular fixture of our Christmas calendar! We are back at The Great Exhibition Pub on Crystal Palace Road on the afternoon of Sunday 16th December.  They do an amazing Sunday Roast. Book early, get a table, and go Xmas crazy!

Which brings us to the Day After! 17th December is our Annual Christmas Concert at our Home Ground, The East Dulwich Tavern. And it's also our 10th Anniversary! Join us for the gig of the year and our traditional mass singalong of Fairy Tale of New York. We'll be sining at 8.30pm but it's worth getting there early as the pub is always packed!


Note-Orious sings at The Dulwich Festival - twice!

JUNE 2018

An Update from David Anthony - tenor and our roving reporter!


Note-Orious choir recently performed two concerts part of the Dulwich Festival over two glorious and sunny Spring weekends.


Our first gig was for the Festival of Choirs at JAGS School. The opening Friday night of the annual Dulwich Festival saw us perform with fellow local crooners Tongue & Groove and London pop choir The Noteables, all offering different styles – here’s Tongue and Groove’s take on Seven Nation Army – and you may be able to spot some members of Note-Orious in there too!


This was our first gig since Christmas, introducing a new repertoire including Blackbird, Tainted Love, Jolene, Under The Bridge, A New England, Satellite of Love, Solsbury Hill and Human alongside the Michael Jackson classic Billie Jean adding a new element of upbeat pop to the song list and featuring some sensational solo performances with the infamous 'sequin glove' making a special appearance also!


The concert took place in JAGS school’s Holst Hall (named after the composer Gustav Holst who was a teacher at the school) where the acoustics are just fantastic. The auditorium enhanced the sound of the choir, resonating around the domed ceiling above us and bringing out the best in everyone. It was one of our most professional performances and it’s always a joy to sing to the dedicated local festival crowd.




Our second gig took place outdoors at the Dulwich Park Fair amongst the smell of food trucks and the local crafty traders. It's an intimate affair with families enjoying a picnic while local talent takes to the stage to entertain them. We were so lucky with the weather. It was a calm, still and sunny day; the perfect conditions as the sound carries so beautifully. It was a great day out - catching up with friends and family and sharing a picnic afterwards under the shade of a big beautiful oak tree. And of course with a well-deserved drink in hand!


So now we look forward to summer with two new songs, the a-ha classic Take on Me and The Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun; fingers crossed, very appropriate for this time of year! The countdown is on to our July 16th Summer Concert at the East Dulwich Tavern (EDT). Do come and join us for a night of song and sunshine!


Singing into Spring



APRIL 2018

It's all change for the new year at the choir. We have a new musical director, Rose Martin, who is a welcome addition bringing fresh dynamics, musical moments and good times to the group and our repertoire. We're currently working on new songs Blackbird (The Beatles) and Satellite of Love (Lou Reed) along with Billie Jean - the Michael Jackson classic with an uptempo fun beat and retro 80's appeal...get ready to 'hoo hoo' along with us.


As Spring is now in the air we look toward our upcoming concert as part of the Dulwich Festival. We'll be kicking off proceedings at the Festival of Choirs, an evening featuring us, Tongue and Groove, and headliners The Noteables. Make a note of the date - Friday May 11th at the Holst Hall in James Allen's Girls School in Dulwich. You can get tickets here. Then it's on to Dulwich Park for casual entertainment in the open air during the day at the fair. We'll be singing at 12.30pm, do come and join us. Both are community events with their own set of performance skills utilising indoor acoustics and outdoor elements testing different aspects of our togetherness as a harmonic group.


Behind the scenes new choir management and a new committee voted in at our January AGM is giving us new ears and eyes as we look toward the future. It takes a lot of unseen work to be the best we can. It's great to have new faces taking up the reigns and bringing a fresh perspective to all aspects of our love for music. As we're also a social group, yes we rehearse upstairs at the East Dulwich Tavern, there's always a drink and laugh involved amongst friendships made through the choir.


As we polish up some of our classics and new favourites like Jolene, Under the Bridge, Tainted Love and Human look out for us over Spring and Summer at a local venue near you, keeping the spirit of choir and community alive!


by David Anthony, choir member and tenor


May 2016
A busy spring performance weekend for Note-Orious 
By David Anthony


As spring is now upon us Note-Orious have sprung into action this past weekend with several performances to end another successful term of musical delightfulness!

Repertoire highlights include Being Alive, Video Killed the Radio Star and Moon River in our eclectic line up which saw us host and participate in the Dulwich Festival's 'Festival of Choirs' along with the Hasty Nymphs and The Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir. With resounding applause from the audience for all three choirs, the acoustics at James Alleyn's Girls School Holst Hall lend themselves tremendously to the harmonies of an ensemble and it was a pleasure to sing in this environment and produce some of our best work to date.

We also made an appearance at the Dulwich Park Festival Fair singing in the glorious sunshine yet as always battling the outdoor environment as the wind carried our voices outward into the relaxed crowd.


Our shining moment came later in the day where we performed as 'The Dulwich Estate' in the climatic end to The Multiple Myrtle Mysteries time traveling extravaganza with Life on Mars, the esteemed Bowie classic which has even more reverence now today. Myself and fellow Note-orian Michelle also had a few lines of dialogue with the cast...'We are the voice of The Estate, Dulwich speaks through us' as feared overlords adding a regal yet comic touch to the play, a tremendous time as always was had by all, until next year! 



2015 Christmas Concert Round-up
By David Anthony

Note-Orious have just finished their Christmas run of shows after another successful term and 2015!
The highlight was obviously at our home the East Dulwich Tavern. With a full ensemble donned in festive gear we sang our hearts out to some fun Christmas ditties and a few classics rounding off a sensational set with dance moves, juggling kazoos, Hawaiian lays and 12 Days of an East Dulwich Christmas signs. The sound was amazing and we somehow pulled it all off with great aplomb and the crowded pub audience loved every minute of it.
There were smaller shows at the Christmas Cracker Northcross Road market, where we almost got blown away outside, the Peckham Liberal Club, where we joined Nunhead and other local choirs for a festive get together, and finally The Great Exhibition, another local, where mulled wine around the 'old Joanna' was enjoyed by all.

A Windy Christmas Cracker performance

Our after party upstairs in the EDT was a riotous ROCKAOKE affair with a mince pie bake off and we were joined by friends and family. Terrible (sorry, I meant) Tumultuous renditions of 80's and 90's classics allowed everyone's inner rock star to be set loose and a great time was had by all with many a headache reported after another year of hard work polishing our vocal cords.

As I'm still a newbie to the choir I personally found this term the that we all came together under the spirit of Christmas. I became a fully-fledged Note-Orious member, found my voice and thoroughly enjoyed our choir experience together with new friends to boot!

Its the Spice Girls at the Rockaoke After Party

Throughout December we have been collecting for The Brain Tumour Charity at our performances. We raised £550, thank you to all our lovely and generous audiences

Note-Orious, A new member's perspective
By Juliet Griffiths

It’s always difficult joining a choir – they all have their own ‘vibe’ and if you’re a mediocre singer like me, it’s very easy to find yourself out of your depth and hardly daring to sing a note in case you’re a bit out of tune.
Looking for a friendly choir in the local area to join, I was drawn to Note-orious by their name, past repertoire and then because rehearsals are held above a pub, with the opportunity for a drink during and after!
After receiving a call-up from Amanda (and lots of friendly emails afterwards), I came along for a taster session, climbing the stairs nervously, wishing I had grabbed a glass of wine on the way in.  I needn’t have worried - Amanda and Caroline immediately took me under their wings and made sure I met people, had music and a place to sit.  I did spot a familiar face from British Military Fitness classes, Mike, who I later learned was the ‘naughty boy’ of the choir!

Almost as if he knew what Juliet had written "Naughty Boy" Mike Photo Bombs Juliet's
rendition of "These Boots Were Made For Walking" at the Christmas Concert After Party

I’m not sure how much I actually sang that night – I probably mouthed most of it just in case, but since then it’s been an absolute delight with mistakes being part of the process. We work hard in the sessions (partly so as not to be on the receiving end of our Musical Director Joel’s acerbic sense of humour!) and there’s also work to be done in between rehearsals as it’s much easier to sing out if you have an idea of what’s going on, but the emphasis is definitely on the joy of singing together.
Finally, I’d like to give a bit of credit to the committee - I’ve been amazed at the amount of work they put in, everything is SO well organised with regular emails, Facebook updates, socials and extra sessions when needed, which makes it easier for us to focus on making the right noise!

Karla & Robin's Adventures at The Nash
Note-Orious's Southbank takeover Part Two
Article by Karla Ptáček



We're allowed to call it 'The Nash' now that we've worn their 'show pants' and have wandered the  back passageways of the Lyttelton since early March, performing in 33 of 40 shows, 9 previews, 2 dress rehearsals and almost 5 weeks of actual rehearsals. 'Light Shining in Buckinghamshire' has 4 final performances, ending on June 22nd 2015, when Robin hangs up his episcopal vestments and I say goodbye to chocolate velvet pantaloons and my man-wig.

Proof of the statement above

We are part of the 40+ member Community Company, engaged to sing and create the imaginary world of "Light Shining in Buckinghamshire', a mid-70's play written by arguably one of our greatest playwrights, Caryl Churchill. LSIB is usually staged with 6 people and an apple, so Lyndsey Turner was taking a bit of a risk in her epic production which uses a cast of 51 performers, and a table that takes up the entire Lytteltton stage. As envisioned by Turner, LSIB becomes a spectacular staging of what is a history play; it covers the period from 1647 to 1659 when for the first time in history, a people actually tried and executed their King - in public.


My involvement began when Robin sent around a notice saying The Nash wanted singers for an audition. A year earlier, I wouldn't have dreamt of going for this audition, but 12 months singing with Note-Orious had given me some confidence and I thought if nothing else, it will be some CPD for my job (I teach drama in F.E.). There were 400 at the first audition which involved an acting, singing and movement class. Robin and I got through. The second round of auditions two weeks later was more of the same but with a much smaller group and greater scrutiny. I felt sure that our Musical Director, Helen Porter, would rout me out, but as luck would have it, both Robin and I made it through.

The Aristocracy give the audience a good telling off at the beginning of the show - sung of course

Much of the rehearsal period was about getting to know one another and understanding what was required of our separate parts, learning our songs, executing relatively simple tasks and procedures with precision and poise: it wasn't hard, but it was lots of fun.


The Nash is a joined-up organisation where everyone from the top to the bottom treats one another with courtesy. Early in rehearsals the new artistic director, Rufus Norris, dropped in to say hello and thanked us for participating in the project.  We got to see Caryl Churchill regularly at rehearsals, and a camaraderie developed with the main acting troupe of Equity actors. Backstage is a hive of activity: assistant stage managers prepping oyster bowls, hair and make-up teams fitting wigs and styling hair (they even trim your beard and cut your hair if necessary!); a squadron of costume women on hand to dress and where necessary, UNdress you for fast scene changes. We were taken through vocal exercises and warm-ups and movement workshops from industry professionals, and access to the free Alexander and Feldenkrais tutors.  This was a voluntary gig, remunerated with free meals (endless) and daily transport stipend, but there was no sense that we were in any way treated very different from anyone else at the Nash - they even built us two communal dressing rooms.


Right now, 2/3rds of our group are taking advantage of the final 'reward' for our participation in this project: - a devising and performing opportunity featuring the Community Company called "A Declaration from the People" which plays for one night only on June 21st at 7pm in the Dorfman Theatre. 


For various reasons Robin and I are not taking part in that, but we'd both have to say that LSIB  has been a very enjoyable, interesting and educational adventure, (I knew nothing about the Civil War before this show and now can recite parts of the Putney Debate!) We've collaborated with a vast range of people from diverse walks of life and have made friends. In many ways this opportunity has been similar to what we share in our choir: learning to speak/act/sing in unison, playing our parts, however small, with vim and vigour. I'll miss LSIB but it will be great to get back to singing in our choir.


Filming London Road

As Note-Orious's takeover of South Bank Theatres begins Michelle tells us all about her role in this weeks
hottest cinema release London Road.


Last May I had the extreme good fortune to land an ensemble part in the film version of London Road, which premiered Tuesday 9 June 2015. London Road is a musical by writer Alecky Blythe, first staged by the National Theatre a couple of years ago, written in a style known as verbatim theatre where the text is generated from real life interviews.

Blythe took her inspiration from interviews with the residents of Ipswich in the wake of the murder of five prostitutes in the London Road area. I had seen the stage version at the National and had been quite taken by the way the ‘songs’ had been created – using the exact intonation and speech patterns of the original interviewees, phrases of which were repeated, swapped around and so forth to create each set-piece. The performers have to recreate these speech patterns in a style that is half singing and half speaking, and I could imagine it would have been a nightmare to learn, although immensely rewarding to create.

Quick selfie on set with some of the fellow ensemble members

I had a two hour audition, where we met the Venezuelan choreographer, Javier de Frutos, and learnt one of the songs and the choreography to match. Javier had used everyday movements to match the real life speech patterns, to convey the emotions behind the pieces we were learning. It was great fun and challenging to learn the song, that wasn’t quite a song. I was thrilled to be asked to stay another hour to learn another piece from the film.

One week of nail-biting later, I received an e-mail from the company manager out of the blue asking me to send my measurements for costume. Did I have the job? I guessed so but as I hadn’t received any concrete confirmation, I got straight on the phone to my agent who also hadn’t heard anything. About 30 minutes later he called to say he’d spoken to the production company and they were sending a contract over. Hurrah!


So, it was confirmed – five days of filming on both the set-pieces I had learnt at audition. Filming started three days later.
The scenes I am in are set in the shopping mall in Ipswich when the murders start appearing in the news and everyone is ‘very, very nervous’ and worried that the murderer could be any of the people around them. Set at Christmas time but filming at the end of May during an unseasonably warm period, we were dressed up in heavy coats, scarves and hats and absolutely sweltering.


We filmed in Lee Green shopping mall which was not exactly glamorous. We also had very early starts – 7am most mornings, finishing when it got dark. We spent the first morning rehearsing and going over the music but we had to learn new choreography as it had changed slightly – so had some of the lyrics. Then straight onto set so that they could block the incredibly complicated scene with over forty actors whilst keeping the public away from the live set. There was a lot of hanging around, and the movements and lyrics changed from day to day, sometimes hour to hour but it was such a privilege to be doing what I love to do and be paid for it. The cast were brilliant fun, I got to meet and work with new National Theatre artistic director, Rufus Norris, and we got fed copious amounts of food.

It seems like an age since we filmed it but I am looking forward immensely to the finished product which has some wonderful musical theatre stars in it, including most of the original National Theatre cast. 

Article and Photographs by Michelle Lee

It’s beginning to look a lot like ChoirFest.
ChoirFest evenings were started by Goose Green Community Choir in January 2013 and have gone from strength top strength. They are an opportunity for local choirs to get together to sing to each other and an audience while raising money for Charity.
December saw the first Choirfest event hosted by Note-Orious,  the evening ran like most ChoirFests with each choir singing three songs in turn with a group song at the end
For our event we decided to support the “Time is Life” Kings Helipad appeal for several reasons. Each year at Christmas we like to support a local charity and we were starting to look around for one when the Helipad Appeal  was suggested by a member of our choir who works at Kings. We thought it was a great cause to support. On a personal note I had spent last Christmas and New Year on Trundle Ward in Kings with Pancreatitis and I was interested in finding a way to repay the hours of kind and patience care I was shown by the fantastic Kings nursing staff.

Organising the event was quite straight forward, in my day job I work in the events industry and there was already a template for the evening set up by Goose Green Community Choir and Nunhead Community Choir when they hosted the two previous ChoirFests. The venue , James Allen’s Girls’ School were also fantastic and donated their technician’s time for free on the night.
The evening ran brilliantly. All the choir turned up looking very festive, decked out in tinsel and Santa hats. As well as our choir, Note-Orious, there was also Nunhead Community Choir, Goose Green Community Choir and the Portico Singers. We also had a fantastic audience turn out of about 80 people. Note-Orious’ Musical Director Joel Newson lead all the choirs and audience in a group vocal warm up and the evening got off to a great start with our choir manager Vince Rogers comparing and introducing all the choirs as they sung their songs. There was a eclectic mix of Christmas tunes from Rocking Around The Christmas Tree to Once In Royal David City via Winter Wonderland and Let It Go from Frozen. The Portico singers bought us Oh How Can I Be Blithe And Glad a Robert Burns poem set to music.
During the interval there was a lot of people visiting the Bake Stall run by Hannah Jones who eventually sold out making nearly £100 for the charity. There was also an amazing raffle hosted by Cheryl Richardson, people were very generous with the prizes they donated, two of the Musical Directors from the choir’s donated singing lessons and there were plenty of bottles to ‘loosen’ the vocal cords first.


At the end of the evening it is a ChoirFest tradition to perform a group song. As it was Christmas we decided to do the Twelve Days of a ChoirFest Christmas with each choir writing a few lines of the song without telling the other choirs what they were going to be. It was an fun and ‘enthusiastic’ performance, Joel was tasked with conducting the attempt but it quite quickly became clear that the song had a life and momentum of its own and he let us all get on with it.
My favourite part of the evening was discovering that the actual Santa had arrived and was tucking into a mulled wine or two. I don’t know how he heard about us but he was in full uniform for the occasion.
We raised £520 on the night for the Time is Life Helipad appeal. Note-Orious then had its traditional Christmas Concert at the East Dulwich Tavern on Lordship Lane, we took a collection for the appeal that night and raised an additional £225 so we are pleased to be able to donate £750 to the Appeal.

On that occasion we performed our version of The Twelve Days of East Dulwich Christmas which was picked up by the South London Press who wrote an article about it called “Cheeky carol strikes chord with drinkers”



Article by Robin Thompson




Love Motown Workshop - Chorus Festival, Royal Festival Hall


Thanks to Hannah Jones for submitting this article about our recent Sunday visit to the Royal Festival Hall.
A group of Note-Orians went on a field trip on Sunday 6th April to take part in a Motown workshop, as part of the Southbank Centre’s Chorus festival. Now in its sixth year, Chorus is a brilliant annual series of workshops and concerts – open to everyone – that celebrates the power of singing together.
'Love Motown!' was led by Mark De-Lisser, musical director of the ACM Gospel Choir who starred in viral version of Pharrell Williams’ Happy, and the BBC’s Last Choir Standing in 2008, the show that fuelled Vicky’s desire to start a pop choir (before Pop Choir even existed). He effortlessly marshalled our 80-strong group through three hours of hard work with lots of humour and a laser focus.
Any ideas that the workshop might be an easy Sunday-morning singalong were dispelled straight after the warm-up, when we were divided into seven parts to learn a tricky acapella version of Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues. We were taught just one repetitive passage of harmony and one chorus, but when the whole group sang together, Mark suddenly turned this into something totally spine-tingling, solely by using dynamics and bringing each part in gradually, before fading them out again. Apparently it really does make a difference when you watch your musical director...
After that, we moved on to the Supremes’ belter You Can’t Hurry Love and Mark brought in a live band for us to rehearse with, which was, frankly, brilliant. Fortunately, through the sheer power of Note-Orious telepathy, Joel noted our approval of this and subsequently organised instrumentation for our performance in the Dulwich Festival. Thank you, Joel.
With two songs under our belts, the session ended with us performing what we’d learnt to an audience of friends, family and random passers-by, who seemed as impressed as we were at how much we’d achieved in just a few hours. Afterwards, I walked back to Waterloo station humming to myself like an idiot, full of love for singing, for Motown and, like most of the Note-Orians who attended (DON’T DENY IT, YOU ALL SAID IT), for Mr De-Lisser too.

Community, Inspiration and Song triumph over Beer, Cynicism and Competitive impulses

Thanks to Ben Browning for submitting this article about the recent East Dulwich ChoirFest evening
I didn’t really know what to expect from the recent inaugural Choir Fest. Note-Orious had been invited to join in a local event for 6 community choirs from the local area held at the Ivy House Pub in Nunhead - so we were reassured that there’d be chance for a drink or two and therefore we’d be within in our comfort zone.
We were informed of a casually competitive element with prizes in a range of “slightly dubious” categories centred around performance and entertainment rather than technical ability which also augured well. Beyond those details there remained uncertainty which in true Note-Orious style was combatted by a combination of red wine / beer and comic cynicism.
The evening began with a warm up of breathing exercises. Quickly the desire to outshine the other choirs was pushed aside as we were guided through some fun and informative exercises led by the choir masters – apparently it’s not that easy to breath competitively.
Performances came from the Goose Green Choir, the Hasty Nymphs, Fairlawn Choir, the Nunhead Choir, and the Portico Singers in addition to our motley crew and it was as each in turn took to the stage that the soul of the event really shone through. Indeed, throughout the evening the early nerves of singing for others with the ability to create rousing and beautiful sounds gave way to uplifting harmony as the enriching sense of sharing music took over.
The songs included a couple of a cappella numbers, some home grown compositions as well as some more familiar songs and the diversity as much as the excellent standard was highly inspirational. For all those jealous of our flags, there were Note-Orians jealous of the French drinking song, foreign national anthem or choreography involving jumping around a stage. We were inspired to push our boundaries and perform the best we could not through competitive desire alone but also through a sense of togetherness in performance and by the end sounded fantastic.
The performances and the good nature of the choristers involved inspired donations of over £420 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association which was a fantastic achievement that clearly touched the charities representatives on the night.
Finally we were led in a collective sing along to If You Don’t Know Me By Now which was a truly rousing way to round of an evening that for me evoked the real essence of the night and what being in a choir like ours is all about; a sense of community and togetherness, an inspiration to raise our voices and entertain, and of course, the joy of sharing in music.

Winter Term 2013
It’s been a year of changes with the move to the East Dulwich Tavern and our New Musical Director Joel Newsome. He has been whipping us into shape with the help of accompanists Isaac and Charlie. This term we have been learning versions of "All That Jazz" (with reluctant Jazz Hands) and "That Man" by Caro Emerald.
Recent performance have included a Pop-Up performance at the East Dulwich Christmas Cracker in North Cross Road and our much loved annual Christmas Concert where we were on fine form. It was great to see so many supports there including some old choir members. Look out for another South East London performance before Christmas.
In Off-Choir News Caroline has been at it again on the winning team with The Pandemonium Drummers who picked up the Team London Mayor's Special Achievement Award from Boris Johnson. She also appeared in The Events at The Young Vic which is now shortlisted for The What’s On Stage Best New Play Award.
Oh, and we celebrated our fifth birthdays in style with cheese and pineapple on
sticks, jelly and musical chairs. We are now all bracing ourselves for the Christmas Karaoke Party next week.

July 2013
The end of term this year was a sad occasion as we said goodbye to Matthew our Musical Director for the last five years. We sung him out in style as the opening act on the Village Green stage at this years Lambeth County Show where we debuted out latest song “Pack Up” by Eliza Doolittle and reprised one of Matthews choir favourites “Unworthy of your Love” by Stephen Sondheim.
We then gave him warm send off at our end of term summer party. Thanks for everything Matthew and good luck with whatever you do next.

May 2013
Its been a busy month for the Choir with three performances in three weeks.
Our first Flash Mob performance took place in Dulwich Park at the Pavilion Cafe early in the month which was a warm up for our third annual appearance at the Dulwich Festival's opening night event "Festival of Choirs". We debued some new songs here; Life on Mars, Im Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair, There is Nothing Like A Dame and Video Games. We even brushed up our rendition of Mr Blue Sky to an enthusiastic reception. Our performances can be viewed on our YouTube Channel, click here to be re-directed.

We ended our month on the Performance stage at the Dulwich Park Fair to close the Festival. The sun shone for us and we had a great time performing to family and friends. The performance ended with a rendition of Happy Birthday for Caroline, our performance manager, who was celebrating a special birthday (21 again). Happy Birthday Caroline.

January 2013

Christmas Television domination is not enough; we also have a new home
It’s been a busy four weeks for the choir and its members. It started with our Christmas Concert on 10th December. We mixed our Christmas favourites with some new songs; Stop the Cavalry, Last Christmas and One Day More from Les Miserable. We continued our support of the local Windsor Walk Charity who benefited from a collection taken during the performance raising nearly £250.
After the usual raucous Christmas Karaoke Party it all started to look like the Christmas break had taken full effect until one night, without warning, our takeover of the Christmas television schedule began. Simon became a Pointless Celebrity on BBC 1, closely followed by Vicky along with an old choir member David Haviland serenading Gordon Ramsey on Channel Four live during Christmas Lunch. To bring the new year in Caroline (almost) lead the New Year Parade with the Pandemonium drummers, fresh from the Olympics Opening Ceremony. In fact Caroline is rarely seen without a drum these days.
To really keep us on our toes we are about to move into our new home. From Monday 14th January we will relocate our rehearsals and socialising to the East Dulwich Tavern.

Choir member to star in Calendar Girls
Tom Collins’ recent absence has been due to his rehearsing for a production of Calendar Girls at the Bromley Little Theatre.
The show runs from the 12th to the 20th of October (not Sunday) and it's £10 a ticket.
If anyone want to go please contact Tom as it's a members only organisation and he needs to reserve tickets for you.
Rehearsal news says it promises to be a very entertaining show

September 2012
Lambeth Country Show Performance

After last year’s torrential rain the sun  decided to shine for us on Saturday as we took to the Village Green Stage at Lambeth Country Show. It was a good turnout, on stage and off, so thank you to everyone who came along to support us. It is very much appreciated and we were in fine voice.
Our set list was
Seasons of LoveCrazy
Somewhere Only We Know
Rhythm of Life
The Cave
Happy Together
Wake Me Up
Don’t Stop Me Now.
Many of us stayed to enjoy the food and drink (especially cider) after our performance and thanks to Amy for bringing the sun block.
Our concentration now turns to completing a few new songs before brushing up our festive repertoire for our Christmas Concert on 10th December

June 2012
Note-Orious Launches YouTube Channel

We've gone public with our performance videos. We have taken all the songs we have sung live over the last year and turned them into YouTube videos available for everyone to view. Have a look at the exaxmple below or visit the site. Just enter "Note-Orious Choir" into
YouTube or click on the logo on the right.

May 2012
Dulwich Festival - Festival of Choirs

Note-Orious got this year’s Festival of Choirs off to a rousing start with their exciting programme of new songs and old favourites. After what seemed like weeks of gloom the sun rose on the afternoon of this year’s performance and shone through the stunning stained glass windows of The Holst Hall at James Allen’s Girls School. The choir were in fine voice as they sang this year’s song choices.
Seasons of Love
Elephant Love Medley
Son of a Preacher Man
Fields of Gold
The Cave
Happy Together
Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
Note-orious handed over to Diversity, London's only lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community chamber choir, and the evening was rounded off by In the Smoke and their award winning a capella. The finale brought three choirs together with over 90 people singing “Siyahamba”, a South African Hymn that has become very popular with choral groups around the world. There are more pictures to view on the Gallery page.

May 2012

Pat and Caroline have are taking part in BABEL, an  immersive theatrical experience of truly epic proportions created  by WildWorks and Battersea Arts Centre in association with Theatre Royal Stratford East and the Young Vic.
BABEL is created especially for Caledonian Park. This spectacular outdoor production combines storytelling, live music, massed choirs and state-of-the-art visual effects to celebrate what it means to be part of a truly global community, and the world city that is London.
BABEL runs from 8th May until 20th and tickets are available through the Batterea Arts Centre Website. By the way, Caroline and Pat are not performing on 7th or 11th May.

April 2012

Full details of our upcoming concert have been released. We will be joined by Diversity and In the Smoke on Friday 11th May at James Allen's Girls' School. For more information and tickets please visit the Dulwich Festival Website.


December 2011
Christmas Concerts, Royal Festival Hall and The Mag Pub, East Dulwich

We were thrilled to be asked to perform as part of VoiceLab's Big Winter Sing at the Royal Festival Hall. The Southbank Centre was filled with choirs and other performers for a day of festive singing. Opening with massed carol singing in the Clore Ballroom before  we all went our separate ways to perform all around the Royal Festival Hall building.
2011 came to an end with the usual high spirited concert at our home, The Mag Pub. There was standing room only as the choir presented a programme of mostly new songs with a few old favourites. Hannah and David re-wrote the 12 days of Christmas to include Yummy Mummies and Foxton’s Minis and Matthew, our Musical Director, arranged a medley of Carols for us.
We sang:
Baby its cold outside
Suspicious Minds
Christmas Carol Medley
All I want for Christmas is you
Wake me up before you go go
12 Days of East Dulwich Christmas
White Christmas
Rolling in the Deep
Fairy tale of New York
Merry Christmas Everybody

August 2011
Happy Third Birthday Note-Orious

Its been three years since Vicky's East Dulwich Forum post that launched the choir. We celebrated with a few sherberts at the Mag Pub and in print on the Dulwich On View Website.
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July 2011
Lambeth Country Show

The choir rounded off a very busy summer term with a performance on the Village Green stage at Lambeth Country Show, singing some of our greatest hits, as well as new song Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. Thanks to our brilliant stand-in musical director David and all our plucky supporters who braved the torrential rain to watch us.

May 2011
Concert report

Note-Orious gave two performances as part of May's Dulwich Festival. First, they starred in a Festival Of Choirs at JAGS school on Friday May 6th, alongside Kitsch In Sync and Raise The Roof. Compered by Note-Orious's Simon Hickson – whose challenging Holst joke was one of the evening's many highlights – the concert was a fantastic celebration of choral singing, with all three choirs joining together for a finale performance of The Beach Boys' Good Vibrations. The choir sang:
Don't Stop Me Now
Rehab - new song!
The Cave - new song!
Happy Together
Come What May - new song!
Viva La Vida
Heart Medley
Somewhere Only We Know
You Can't Stop The Beat
The choir also made their now traditional appearance at the Dulwich Park Fair, battling the (now traditional) wind to give another rousing performance.

April 2011
Spring performances

Note-Orious will be performing twice during the upcoming Dulwich Festival. On Friday May 6, we're proud to be appearing with two other choirs, Kitsch In Sync and Raise The Roof Singers, in a celebration of choral singing at JAGS school. Tickets for this event are a teeny-tiny £3 – make sure you buy yours in advance here. On Sunday May 15, we'll be singing at the Dulwich Park Fair at 1.30pm. This is a free event.

March 2011
Concert alert!

Note-Orious are busy planning their first ever ticketed performance. As part of the Dulwich Festival we will be joining together with some other London choirs on Friday May 6 for an evening that will celebrate the coolness of choral singing! More details to follow.

December 22
Merry Christmas everyone


In front of a fantastically boisterous crowd, the choir gave their best performance yet in the cosy environs of The Mag. The mulled wine was flowing as we sung our way through a mixed programme of festive favourites and collected a princely £251.54 for the Kings College Hospital intensive care unit.
The choir sang:
Seasons Of Love
In The Bleak Midwinter
Heart Medley
Hark The Herald Angels Sing!
White Christmas
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Fairytale Of New York
Merry Christmas Everybody
Between the choir's songs, there were also solo turns from Vinay, Glenda and David, and Caroline, And in an exciting addition to the programme, Simon enlisted the help of the choir to propose to the lovely Zoe through the medium of song. We were naturally thrilled - not to say slightly misty-eyed - to help. Especially when she said yes. It was the perfect end to another great year for Note-Orious. Congratulations, Simon and Zoe, and Happy Christmas everyone!

August 15
End-of-term report

Note-Orious finished their summer term with their two most ambitious performances to date.
On Monday July 26, we held our traditional end-of-term concert in the atmospheric environs of the Crown & Greyhound's garden in Dulwich Village. Under a canopy of trees, and thankfully no rain, the choir's programme of songs was interspersed with turns by some of our very talented individual members – Tom and Siobhan, Ranj and Pat – and official friend of the choir Martin, and the whole evening was compered brilliantly by the lovely Cheryl Richardson.
The choir sang:
One Night Only
Mr Blue Sky
Somewhere Only We Know
Over At The Frankenstein Place
Science Fiction Double Feature
The Time Warp
Happy Together
Don't Stop Me Now
In addition, a collection raised £148 for Hemihelp, a small charity that supports people with hemiplegia and their families, thanks in no small part to choir mascot Tallulah's extremely persuasive way with a collecting tin. Well done, Tallulah!
Then, on Saturday 7th August, Note-Orious was extremely proud to perform at the open-air screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Dulwich Park, in front of Rocky Horror creator Richard O'Brien and a huge crowd. The choir sang Over At The Frankenstein Place, Science Fiction Double Feature and The Time Warp, complete with choreography by choir member Caroline, the musical genius of Matthew and David H and some spectacular costumes. You can watch our performance again on the Video section of the site. After the screening of the film, it was all back to Sophie's house to compare insect bites (a hazard of wearing fishnets in a park at twilight) and dance it up in her living room. It was a brilliant ending to the choir's second brilliant year together. Onwards and upwards, Note-Orious!

June 29
Summer performance news!

The choir will be making two exciting appearances over the next few weeks.
On Monday July 26, keep your diary free for our end-of-term concert – this time with a twist. We're hosting a cabaret-style evening featuring old and new songs by Note-Orious, as well as a few solo performances by some of the very talented members of the choir and our friends. Location TBC.
On Saturday August 7, we are very excited to be performing in front of our biggest audience ever at Dulwich Park's outdoor screening of the The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We will be singing three songs from the show, prior to a Q&A with Rocky Horror creator Richard O'Brien and the screening itself. This event is expected to be hugely popular, so buy tickets in advance to avoid choir-related disappointment. Go here for more information.

Official: Note-Orious makes the sun come out!

The choir sang at the Dulwich Park Festival on Sunday May 16, taking to the stage under an overcast and uncertain sky. With choir member David H slipping into the accompanist's chair to spectacular effect, and Siobhan on violin duty again, we went down a storm. But not an actual storm. Oh no. As we were about to start our TOTALLY SPONTANEOUS encore, the sun decided to make a very welcome appearance.
We sang
One Night Only (new piece!)
Viva La Vida
Over At The Frankenstein Place
Happy Together
Somewhere Only We Know
Don't Stop Me Now
Dulwich Park Festival
We will be performing at the Dulwich Park Festival on Sunday May 16 at around 2pm, singing some old favourites, plus one or two new pieces!

Easter concert report

Our Easter performance took place downstairs in the Magnolia on Monday March 29. With the choir in great voice, Matthew in brilliantly energetic conducting form, and with the aid of our fearless accompanist Ed and a beautiful violin solo from multi-talented soprano Siobhan, some people are calling it Note-Orious's best performance yet. In addition, we raised over £100 for local charity Dulwich Helpline.
Here's what we sang
Viva La Vida
Over At The Frankenstein Place
Happy Together
This Nearly Was Mine
Don't Stop Me Now
Somewhere Only We Know
James Bond medley
Chasing Cars


Performance on Sunday 17th May 2009

Note-Orious performed at the Dulwich Park Fair on 17th May, which was part of the Dulwich Festival. Despite the wind we attracted a large and enthusiastic crowd and even a nice man who helped hold down Matthew's music in the wind!
We sang:
Chasing Cars
Bond medley

May 2009
Note-Orious in print

Some of you will remember that we were photographed/interviewed for Living South back in December. That article has finally made it into print and you can see it here