How we choose our songs

All our songs are suggested by a member of the choir – this means you! 


The Musical Director, Music Manager and the Song Committee then choose songs from the choir’s suggestions each term. Each section is represented on the Song Committee to help us find songs that everyone will enjoy, and you can always talk them about your favourites (and any songs you hate).

You can suggest a song by using the form on the website, or by email to – we will then add it to the list. You don’t have to find a choral arrangement, although if you do, or you’ve heard one you like, it does help us. If there isn’t an arrangement already out there, we have to pay someone to do it for us, and we can’t afford to do that very many times.

The current list of suggestions is up on the website so that everyone can see what’s being looked at. There are always lots more songs than we can sing, so if your song isn’t chosen, you’re definitely not alone! Do check out the current list and feel free to let the Song Committee know what you think.

Our aim is to find songs that are fun to sing and sound great. Overall, we want to maintain a good mix of songs that audiences know – whether that’s current pop like Shallow or old favourites like Cecilia – and a balance of faster and slower songs to keep things interesting to the audience. We also want to make sure it’s fun for us – we haven’t always enjoyed rehearsing harder arrangements, even though some of them sound amazing in the end.

So that we can keep bringing on new songs, once or twice a year the Music Manager will retire some of the older repertoire.


We do the same selection process for Christmas songs towards the end of September – but you can suggest Christmas songs at any time.

Song Selection in 30 seconds:

  • You suggest songs via the website or email

  • The Music Manager adds them to the list of suggestions

  • The MD and Music Manager find / check choral arrangements

  • The Song Committee meets at least once a term to select new songs from the list

  • The MD, Sean and Music Manager source arrangements and teaching tracks

  • We sing the new songs!

Section Reps 2019:

  • Alto: Anna 

  • Bass: Stephen

  • Soprano: Kate

  • Tenor: Andrew